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The Winter Mani

Even though a catering GCSE course has got me bare-nailed 3 days a week I do still like to keep my nails relevant to the season. Festive nails are my favourite, and these are the colours that I tend to reach for in winter. It's a mix of pretty much the same colour scheme within a range of price tags.

Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish in Rapid Ruby - I love a deep red at winter time as much as the next girl, and this shade hits the spot. I find that it matches the colour scheme of any outfit that I pull together during the colder months, meaning I wear it the most out of all of these lacquers.

Accessorize nail polish in Rose Gold - For dressing up any deeper shade I like to add a few coats of this to my ring fingers. Perfect for parties or nearer to Christmas, or if you just fancy something a bit more special! 

Kure Bazaar nail polish in Or Rose - I can remember being obsessed with this polish last winter. It's the kind of shade that you re paint on your nails for months without getting bored of it's sight. Works all year round, but looks particularly darling at winter time. 

OPI nail polish in Skyfall - Whilst I'm pretty sure I bought this for the name around the preview of the film, the colour does scream Christmas. It's the deepest red you could imagine. If you've read John Green's Paper Towns, it's the kind of shade that I imagine Margo to be wearing in chapter four.  

Chanel nail polish in Tulip Noire - For the deep purple metallic shade that makes winter, winter. A colour so pretty that it's interesting. 

Barry M nail paint in Berry Cosmo - And for the non-metallic version of that deep purple. Again, it look stunning with some rose gold glitter by it's side. 


What's your go-to winter polish?

DIY Orange Hot Chocolate

I wouldn't particularly pass a Terry's Chocolate Orange off as a classic Christmas chocolate, but I would pass oranges off as a classic Christmas fruit. For me, the smell of oranges screams Christmas. I think that once you've visited a Christmas market you'll agree with me. Hot chocolate is also popular in winter months, so a chocolate orange hot chocolate served in orange peel cups seemed pretty relevant for Christmas time. This recipe is divine and my entire family loved theirs, so it's worth giving a go. I promise. 

I got all of my ingredients from Sainsburys, for those wondering. I wasn't able to find paper straws, so I just used the oranges without the lids as cups. Not as cute, but you still get the zingy taste. 

*To serve 4*
You'll need:
- 8 Segments of Terry's chocolate orange
- 200ml Milk (I used semi-skimmed)
- 4 Large oranges
- Paper straws

Directions for the orange cups:
  • Using a sharp knife, cut the tops off of the oranges to act as the lids
  • Hollow out the oranges using a tablespoon (save & sieve the insides for fresh, smooth orange juice!)
  • Using a small knife, cut out the 'stem' of the orange lid, creating a hole for the straws
  • Cut the straws to the correct length

Directions for the hot chocolate:
  • Gently heat the milk in a saucepan, stirring constantly
  • Break the chocolate into segments and add to the milk
  • Keep stirring until the chocolate melts
  • Using a ladle, fill the orange cups with hot chocolate and enjoy!

Make sure you buy larger oranges so that they are sturdy, meaning they won't roll over.

Let me know if you try these out.



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