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Bean Burst*

Bean Burst is a company built on a personal story about a natural product to help a child's skin condition. The product's aims are to be completely natural and benefit the skin in multiple ways, such as reducing acne, cellulite, dry skin, scarring, stretch marks and psoriasis (severe dryness). As the name suggests, the products are coffee-bean scrubs that come in brown-paper sachets with reusable seals. You can order travel or full size versions of different ranges, for example orange, peppermint or grapefruit. I received the 100g Peppermint Blend and can already see that a little goes a long way- you don't need much of the scrub at all to cover your entire body including the face. I focused mainly on my legs and face, leaving the scrub to work with it's oils for 15 minutes before removal. Instantly I was shocked at how soft my skin felt- it's the type of time where you run around the house and demand that each family member touches your face to experience the baby-face softness. It's not as messy as I thought it'd be and washes right off with water on your skin and on any surface, it has a pleasant smell and feels amazing in application, during the waiting periods and of course after. I'm excited to use it again!

OK Bouquet & Miss Piggy Roses*

OK Bouquet is a family-run business overflowing with experience, expertise and attention to detail. They offer 'fresh-cut' style bouquets, which come across a lot more personal than many other flower delivery sites. The bouquets are extremely generously sized, with length definitely taken into consideration. You can pick your foliage and bouquet size, really adding to the personal touches in this service. You receive a bunch like those you'd expect from a high-quality market stall, delivered with the flowers partly bloomed, but still with a lot of growing to do. The flowers blossom a surprising amount after delivery. The bouquet that I received could easily have been split and generously fill two standard vases, however I enjoyed the showcase-ingly full look and kept them in one vase. 
The delivery service is very quick and OK Bouquet keep you up to date often with emails. The flowers arrived in a large box, well-packaged with a box at the base to keep some moisture with them. So far my flowers are on day 5 and still look incredible - I'd give them as a gift at this point still. Overall I can highly recommend the service for a gift, treat to your self, or a regular decoration to add to your home! They really do add a lot to a space. 

I received a Premium bouquet of Coral Pink 'Miss Piggy' Long Stem Roses, 2 dozen, with eucalyptus. See here.

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