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BOOTEA 28 Day Teatox | First Impression

Yesterday- I love you, Amazon Prime- I ordered the BOOTEA 28 Day Teatox. I've heard lots about it and as you're probably aware, it's a very popular detox tea.
I've tried a 'teatox' before, with SLENDERTOXTEA (post here), and I was really happy with the results. For a slightly cheaper, and shorter teatox I'd definitely recommend it. I'm excited to compare the two. 

Here's the information you're given to start with:
The 28 day box contains 28 daytime teabags and 14 bedtime teabags. You're supposed to drink the daytime tea in the morning/whenever you can if you forget, and the bedtime tea every other night, starting with day 1, for the entire teatox. 
You brew them for 3 minutes with boiling water just as you'd expect. It's not massively advertised as it, but as far as I'm aware it's supposed to aid weight loss and help with energy levels.

My first impressions of the BOOTEA, after having one of the daytime teas:

  • I'm really impressed with the price, I think it must be a deal *update- it's for Amazon Prime users, but if you start the free trial you can get the deal and cancel at any time!* but for £18.49 for the 28 day box on Amazon I'm very happy. 
  • I really like it so far, the daytime tea tastes really pleasant and a little bit like lemon.
  • The packaging and the box that it comes in are really cute, I like the design etc.
  • The bag of nighttime tea doesn't smell so pleasant- I'll let you know in the next post.

You can buy the 28 day box where I did here.

I'll definitely post a final update with some before/after shots, weight update etc, and maybe even some updates in-between! After one day my boyfriend's looking to join in, so I might have two opinions by the end!

Have you tried bootea? Are you going to join me?


5 Cheap Makeup Products Every Beauty Junkie Should Own

As you can tell by the pictures, I love and have used these products a LOT. They're easily the five best drugstore products I've used, and I can hand-on-heart say that I've repurchased each of these multiple times (except the blusher, that I've only repurchased once! - I never get through an entire blusher though, so it is still a statement).

Let's start on the left. Maybelline's Anti Age Eraser Concealer in the shade Light has a permanent spot in my daily makeup bag for three reasons. It's easy to apply, because of the sponge built-in applicator (not the most hygienic thing in the world but it doesn't go near spots so, meh, I'll put up with it), the packaging in genius in that you get to use every.last.drop of the stuff thanks to the wind-down technology going on - if you're as cheap as me, this means a lot with your £7.99 concealer - and finally, it works a miracle on your under eyes. It's the most brightening concealer I've tried and I feel so happy in just applying an upside-down triangle of the stuff under my eyes and that being the area sorted. If dark under eyes is something you struggle with - you'll love it.

Next up, a cult favourite, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01. It's under a fiver, it's my go-to to cover literally anything on my face and it blends like a dream. That is all.

My go-to foundation of the ... past 4 months? ... and probably for the rest of my makeup days - Maybelline Fit Me foundation in 115/120. I love this foundation so much that I purchased every single shade for my college makeup kit. I've used it on so many skin types and it doesn't fail to give an even finish, not too dewy, not too matte. I'd buy it even if it were Chanel prices.

Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara in Black. I featured this in my Rose Gold Makeup Menu eye look, it's great for length and definition. It's quite voluminous, there are definitely thicker looking mascaras out there, but it's the perfect middle that makes it a must-have for, well, everybody.

Finally, the NYX High Definition Blush in Amber. This is the only blusher I've ever repurchased, and I know it'll happen again a few times over. The texture and pigmentation is strong enough to not need much, but light enough that you aren't stepping on eggshells wondering if you're going to look like a rag doll today. This particular colour is something different from the other blushers I own - which are much more baby pink - and I reach for this daily. It suits a lot more skin tones than pinkier blushes, too.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know of other bargain products!


Makeup Menu | Rose Gold Glitter

I'm definitely one of those still clinging on to the 'Rose Gold Everything' trend, and I don't think I'll ever back down. It's crept so far in my life that it's now on my face. 

For the base of this eye look I used MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly (it's a huge cult product, but for a reason- It's a creamy texture that thickens a little once you've applied it to the eye, and it does a good job of cancelling out veins and whatever else goes on ontop of an eyelid that you don't want in your smokey eye). All of my eyeshadows and including my brow colour came from one of Smashbox's new Cover Shot palettes, Ablaze, which I bought with the intention of using it for travel since it's so teeny and has a great little mirror, but I haven't put the thing down since I got it. For my brows I used Dark Horse, and for the brow bone and inner corners I used Moccasin and Relaxed mixed together. For the inner third of my eye I used Siesta, a shimmery rosy-pink shade, and for the centre my lid I used Nirvana, which is a matte burgundy colour. I copied all of these shades in the respective places beneath my eye, and then applied more Dark Horse on the outer third of the eyelid and beneath, joined together. Blended together this created a more-than-your-everyday smoky look. 

For mascara I used Maxfactor's False Lash Effect, my current favourite, in Black. The lashes I applied are from Eyelure's new Luxe Mink Effect Lash collection. The type I used are Solitaire, a gorgeous, wispy set. I'm a complete noob with applying lashes and I manage to apply these fine every time - so they're great if you feel like you can't hack the application of strip lashes too.

To complete the look, and my favourite part, I used Kryolan's Multi Gel in Copper. Kryolan is unfortunately a professional makeup brand and their main store, the only one I've ever seen, is located in Covent Garden. Otherwise, it's quite hard to get hold of without ordering online here where the postage costs more than the product. If you weren't looking to buy a few more colours to make the postage worth it, I've found a very similar one here.

What do you think? Would you try this look?


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