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If you read my '2015' post you'd know that it was amongst my resolutions to get fit. I did my research and found that the best way to change your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise was to first do a detox to cleanse your body so that your new, healthier habits will be able to have their full effect. 
SLENDERTOXTEA offer a 'teatox', which is essentially a detox with teas. I tried the 14 day 'daytox' alongside the 14 day 'sleeptox'.
The daytox contains 14 tea bags, and you're supposed to take one each morning. The sleeptox contains 7 tea bags, and you're supposed to take one every other night. The benefits of both include increased energy, colon cleansing, increased metabolism efficiency and they also aid weight loss. All the details and instructions etc come with the tea and it really helps to get you clued up before you start.

You can buy the teas here

How I found it: I expected the taste of the tea to be poor, as all detox style teas I've had before haven't been pleasant. To my surprise, the taste wasn't too bad at all. My stomach felt settled constantly and I feel like I got great changes without doing much.

How much weight I lost: 6 lbs

What changed: I had a lot more energy than usual in the days and went to sleep a lot more easily. The energy definitely helped to boost workouts. 

Would you ever try a 'teatox'?



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  2. I recently got these and I have to say I really struggled as I just couldn't keep to such a strict diet (no chicken, dairy, bread, etc) x

    Beauty with charm

  3. these tea bags sound really good! I might need to grab myself some!x



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