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The Holiday Post 2015

Between lounging around the pool, eating my weight in crepes from the nearby ice-cream shop and reading The Book Thief, I've been itching to blog about my time in Portugal so far. At a grand 7th visit, I'm still only aware of about three words of Portuguese (one of them being the translation for ice-cream), but for a second trip to this town - Carvoeiro - I'm a bit more aware of the surroundings and everything's therefore less of a challenge. A lot of pros have come from the trip so far:
I tried tapas. Less of a discovery if you're aware what tapas is (and it isn't, to my surprise, a Spanish rice dish). Our fourth night involved a meal at a tapas bar - the view displayed bottom centre - overlooking the sea and all of the chaos that is the town centre at night. A good experience, not only because the restaurant offered blankets to keep you cosy as you ate, but I actually found out that I quite like squid, and a few other odd-bits that I tried, which is a surprise from such a fussy eater.
I've seen the sky change about 6,000 times. Slight exaggeration, but it's been a roller coaster of colours up there. This may be The Book Thief talking, but I've seen some extremely beautiful sights whilst being here that I can't imagine you'd see too often at home. The skies at night are so much clearer, enabling a view of stars and deep blues to win you over. I'll probably return with some form of neck injury from looking up so much.
And the last one I'll mention, I've got a really good tan. Less sentimental than the others, but coming home will sure be easier with this long-lasting reminder of how good the weather's been painted on my skin. Or maybe it'll be harder. 

Because life isn't all sunshine and roses, two cons to even things out:
The villa is on such a hill - correction - mountain, that it almost isn't worth walking down to get crepes and such. 
I've had my first two encounters with cockroaches on this trip and I hope to God that they're my last. One more and I'll be on an early flight back.

How's your summer going? 



  1. I love that the tapas restaurant gives you blankets, that's such a nice touch. Sounds like you're having a lovely time there!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know! I had a really great time, thank you.
      Alice x



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