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What's In My Prom Clutch?

Clutch - Whistles at Asos

With my prom coming right around the corner, I decided it was time to finally put my Pinterest boards to use and organise what's going inside of my bag. Some are obvious, but there's a few which I consider to be handy tricks...

  • Safety pins: For, god forbid, if you or one of your friends' dress/suit were to break. They don't take up room, so it's worth taking some just incase.
  • Oil absorbing sheets: Since I'm using a loose powder for my prom makeup, the container was far too big to bring along with me for touch-ups. The solution? Oil absorbing sheets. They don't ruin your makeup, clear your skin of oil, and they're in a tiny compact ideal for a clutch.
  • Lipstick: Fairly obvious. For touch-ups throughout the night.
  • Mirror: To aid these touch-ups. Even if you're planning on doing so in the bathroom, it's easier to have a little mirror that you can use up-close. Mine's tiny and thin.
  • Eyelash glue: No matter how sure I am that my falsies are glued down, nothing will stop me from taking along the glue- just incase.
  • Phone: It's obvious, but it's always good to check that it fits in your clutch along with everything else. Prom pictures with your phone in your hand just aren't as nice.
  • Tissues: For spills and tears, always needed.
  • Comb: Since I'm going for a 'brushed out curls' hairstyle, this will be handy for when my curls spring up and no longer look 'brushed out'. 
  • Blister plasters: These things can save the night if your heels begin to cause blisters.
  • Socks: ...and if the plasters don't cut it, by the end of the night you may be feeling ready to take the heels off all-together. 

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