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Airbrush Makeup 101

After finishing my diploma in Beauty School, one major part of the course that stood out to me was airbrush. Before actually studying it, I had assumed airbrush involved a bulky kit, a lot of time/effort, and a lot more money per face - I'll start apologising now for how wrong I was. 

The breakdown

What's airbrush? - ' Airbrush makeup is product sprayed onto the skin using a gun with airflow, rather than makeup applied with sponges, brushes or other.'

Why airbrush? -  For both personal and professional use, the finish is flawless. In a science-y explanation, the particles of foundation are much smaller than a regular product, and the air that it's shot out with helps it to disperse evenly and 'dry' straight away so it doesn't have time to move about and settle into weird lines. Other than that obvious main attraction to airbrush, it's extremely quick, mainly an advantage if you're using this professionally as you can get a large party sorted in a fraction of the time, but it does also help in personal use. Hygiene is obviously great with airbrush as you're not touching anyone's face, and you'd be amazed at how little foundation can do a full coverage.

Which airbrush? - I've worked with a few brands of airbrush now and the kit I chose for myself and every product I will probably ever buy for my airbrush kit is from the brand Airbase. The brand is famous amongst TV and Theatre makeup artists, the kits are small and affordable compared to other brands, and the control available from the guns along with the stunning finish of their products just makes it an overall winner. I've got similar to this kit, exactly this one , but I believe you have to be a student to get it. If you browse the website there are bigger and smaller kits for home or professional use. The shading pad is great for protecting hairlines when you're doing swift motions for light overall coverage, and having every selection of foundation colour has been a dream lately. They're perfect for mixing, too!

Quick tips:

  • Don't mix formulas or you'll ruin your gun- I use silicone, best for all skin types and can withstand all environments. Water based is good for everyday, and alcohol based leans towards SFX and tattoo coverage the most- it's quite hardcore. 
  • Use layers- Apply very light layers with a couple of seconds drying time inbetween to avoid cakey results.
  • Don't pour too much in the gun's cup, because you won't get it back and I can promise you that you'll be surprised with how little you use.
  • Use big swirls for overall coverage, but if you're looking to 'conceal' with the gun, pulse the trigger back and forth keeping it still over that area. 
  • Start from light to dark so you don't have to clean your gun out too thoroughly inbetween- Go from base, to bronze, to blush- the colours merge more naturally and you don't have to use any cleaner to get rid of traces of product, if there's too much left in there just spray onto a tissue!

Would you ever try airbrush? 

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